[30.04.2020] - Access Control & COVID-19
Access Control & COVID-19
We offer additional options to personnel access control systems that help to fight the spread of COVID-19 virus and reduce the possibility of the virus or its carrier entering the work premises.
A video camera that identifies a human face (with or without a mask) remotely measures the face temperature and generates an alarm if this temperature exceeds the threshold (e.g. 37 C). The database stores all events including the employee's facial image and temperature.
The hand disinfection unit may be installed before the turnstile or integrated with it. The employee can pass through the turnstile only after putting both his/her hands in the containers with hand disinfection cure.
These options can be also added to already existing access control systems.

Special ceiling video cameras with AI software allow counting of coming/leaving visitors and the distance between them in order to control existing limitations.