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FidPark Web-Admin complements the functionality of FidPark Administrator, it can be launched on any mobile device via a web browser and provide FidPark users with the ability to quickly manage the system. With Web-Admin, you can create low-cost and efficient parking management solutions.

Main features of WebAdmin:
  • User administration - viewing the list, adding, editing and deleting users, as well as granting them rights. Administering of clients and passes - viewing the list of passes, creating and editing passes, adding clients, sending sms and e-mail when creating a pass.
  • View the event log for a specific period of time.
  • Configuring Client Access Schedule - the ability to define which groups will be allowed access to the zone at certain times.
  • Registration of permits for on-street parking by entering the registration numbers of the car. The entered numbers appear in the controller's application, and a report on violators is also generated.
  • Payment cancellation (discounter) - the ability to erase the accrued parking fee by entering the country number of this car or by scanning a ticket with a barcode via a webcam. It is possible not to cancel the payment, but to change the tariff.
  • Remote opening of the barrier.