Devices & Software     Wristband Capturer
In cases of using FidPark at the sites where customers are identified by a wristband with contactless chip (e.g. swimming pools), as an option we offer wristband capturer units. This unit is a column-based device which not only reads the wristbands, but also it takes out the wristbands from the customer at the same time when it's opening of the turnstile.

At the top of the column there is opening/closing compartment where the client puts his wristband. Reading takes place when the cover is closed, so the customer is not able to take his wristband back after successful verification. If the client has not paid for his visit or if he has left his locker locked in the lockers room, the turnstile will remain closed, the compartment will open and the customer will be able to pick his wristband back to fix the problem.