Devices & Software     Cashier software
FP-Cashier application (cashier operator's workplace) ensures payments for the services and goods (including using of deposit and subscription cards), as well as replenishing of deposit cards.

Long-term clients can use their cards for purchasing goods and services (coffee, souvenirs and etc.), including purchasing in the automatic vending machines equipped with the card readers. Also these cards ensure access control to the premises (zones) with the additional services - for example to a swimming pool, gym, sauna, etc. All information about the client activity is registered in the system log, and the client pays the purchased goods and services at the exit.

The client can pay for purchased services by the card he uses for entering/exiting. The client can purchase other goods and services paying on the spot.

An operator-cashier can sell SV (Stored Value)-cards and replenish deposit accounts, and also can accept these cards as resources of payment for goods and services. SV-cards are analogous to the gift cards, the deposit of which can be spent on goods and services.

The system provides reports about the account of each customer,
sold goods and services, as well as the X and Z-reports.