Devices & Software     Administrator application
FP-Admin workplace is intended for FidPark administration and configuring, like:
  •      Management of long-term clients data;
  •      Management of long-term clients smartcards;
  •      Creation of event tickets;
  •      Configuration of terminals and counters;
  •      Management of system users;
  •      Management of parking zones;
  •      Management of tariffs;
  •      Reports generating.
 Account/record is created for each long-term client in the FidPark system.
Tariff groups - the scheme which is used for parking lot fees calculation. Payment is summed accordingly to the time zones and the pricing plans. The pricing plans are configured depending of the time periods. A maximal daily, weekly or monthly price (Capping) may be establidhed for any tariff group (e.g. 5€ per day or 30€ per month).
The pricing plan, that is included into each tariff group, specifies how the payment for using the parking in a particular time zone is calculated. It's formed from the time periods (e.g., 15 min or 1 hour) and of specific prices for each time period.

The Administrator may create parking pricing plans and the tariff policies. For example, the customers who arrived to the shop might have to pay 0.50 €/h for the first two hours and 2 €/h after this time. This motivates the drivers to leave the shop' parking lot in 2 hours, freeing the places for other customers.
"Reports" section is intended for viewing the logs, creating and printing different kinds of reports. All reports types are located on same toolbar. The reports may be printed and exported in several formats manually or according the schedule. Reports available in the system:
  • Administrator logs - actions performed by the user in the system
  • Terminal logs - event of the terminals, for example, opening the barrier, reading a cards, various service messages from the devices connected to the terminal
  • Operator logs -  here you can see whether the operator has noticed an alarm in time, also it displays information about opening/closing the barrier it case if was performed by the operator
  • Counter events logs - information about border crossings, as well as the service messages from the devices
  • Counters statistics - it's possible to generate a detailed report about counting the events in different time periods in various aspects with the charts