Devices & Software     Information Displays & Panels
Information terminals proposed in the FidPark system are connected to the network and provide customers with the opportunity to get individual information using their wristband (card, keyfob) as the identifier, as well as to display the required information.

For example, in FidPark-Spa version the client can see the end time of the service (by red color, if it's expired), the number of used locker, other relevant information.

The terminal software functions in WindowsCE operating system environment. Touch screen, built-in card reader, network interface and set of other hardware interfaces allow to use the terminal in various automated systems and solutions related with data input, data processing and its displaying.
The indicators are usually used at the entrance to the parking lot to indicate the availability of free spaces (red and green indicators) or their numbers (digital displays). The last option is more preferable, because it allows the customers to predict the time of searching for free places in the parking lot or to refuse entry to the parking lot which almost filled completely. Red "busy" indicator is usually activated when just a certain number of free places reserved for VIP-clients is left.

The free places parking signs offered in FidPark are connected to the server either via serial interface (RS232, RS485) or via mobile operator network by a GSM-modem.
Free places indicators
Free spaces availability sensors are installed under or over each parking space. Appropriate indicators (red-green) are set on top so that the driver could see the number of free places in a line of cars distantly.

We offer two types of the sensors - ultrasonic sensors and image sensors. Ultrasonic sensors react to presence/absence of the car at the parking lot. Image sensor is a video camera with data processing unit, which usually monitors 4 parking places simultaneously.