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FidPark in-out terminals
FidPark terminal for entry/exit to/from parking lot has the following main functions:
  • Manages the barrier.
  • Reads the one-off tickets with 1D- or 2D-barcodes.
  • Reads the contactless passes and service cards (LF, HF or UHF at customer's chioce).
  • The entrance terminal issues one-off tickets with barcode, when client push a button. If the ticket is not taken (pass-back), it is dragged back.
  • Exit terminals do not have a printing device.
The terminal supports AntiPassBack mode, i.e., blocks those cards/tickets after which car did not enter or leave.

Terminal display shows the current time and client-related messages. For pre-paid cards on the display of exit terminal is displayed such information - balance of the prepaid card but on the display of entry terminal - appropriate time to leave. There is also a voice communication with the operator on front panel.

The terminals are managed by a central server via local network. 
For carpark control we offer gates that have very high quality and reliability. Boom length varies from 2.5 m to 12 m and time of opening - within 0.9-12 s.