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Parking lots control and payment system
FidPark-CAR is intended for automation of paid parking lots with payments depending on the duration of parking. The drivers have various payment options - advance payment, deposit tickets, events tickets, subcsription tickets and other kinds of tickets. FidPark software allows to "adjust" parking options and parameters for any business objective:
  •     maximum profit generated;
  •     maximum throughput of the facility that it serves;
  •     maximum availability of free parking lots.
FidPark parking solutions may be used for one or several parking zones and with flexible tariffs. The systems provide high level of comfort for customers, as well as all the necessary information and reports for car park management.

Parking lots can be equipped with barriers or used without them (with ANPR option). With barriers the customer will not be able to drive away until the payment is made. Without barriers – if the payment has not been made by certain time (e.g. till midnight), the vehicle registration number is blacklisted and car park manager can initiate the payment recovery procedures. FidPark
paystations offer convenient use and multiple payment options - pre-pay, post-pay, etc. with coins, notes and bank cards.

For the parking lots with fixed payment amount and for the parking lots accessed by permits only, we offer more simple and cost-effective systems.
FidPark features and capabilities:
  • unlimited number of entries and exits;
  • unlimited number of parking zones with different tariffs and access control;
  • opportunity to extend the functionality of the system and its integration with accounting systems;
  • unlimited number of users;
  • unlimited parking duration;
  • unlimited number of long-term customers;
  • unlimited number of tariff plans;
  • different tariffs for each day of the week;
  • setting different pricings for each interval of 5 min to 24 h duration;
  • list of the holidays and other special days;
  • saving local functionality in cases connection loss with the server;
  • protection from vandalism and software hacking;
  • compliance with the fiscal legislation;
  • integration with external WEB-based payment systems;
  • discount system operating through the WEB;
  • integration with access control system;
  • automatic control of On-street and Off-street systems (with ANPR);
  • human access control options;
  • virtual parking zones for client groups (e.g. legal entities - tenants in office centre);
  • system integration option with other manufacturer external equipment, inclucing ANPR cameras and systems.