Systems for management of business processes and services
Automatic control and accounting for parking lots, leisure parks, swimming pools and similar facilities. Ensure payment services, personnel work optimization and improvement of business.
[30.04.2020] Access Control & COVID-19

In responce to existing COVID-19 virus related limitations, we offer additional equipment for...

[27.04.2020] Compact Unattended Paystation

The new FidPark Paystation FP-KA17 allows you to pay with bank cards and also works as an Internet...

[28.10.2019] FidPark-OnStreet control system

The FidPark-OnStreet system provides the opportunity to pay for parking using the car registration...

We develop, install, and service FidPark systems intended to vehicle and human access control and time attendance, as well as providing access and to various areas/services and payment for received services and purchased goods.
The automated objects are:
  • parking lots;
  • office and multifunctional buildings;
  • swimming pools;
  • SPA, saunas, solariums;
  • leisure and entertainment centers;
  • sports and fitness centers;
  • industrial objects
FidPark uses identification (ID) technologies that correspond to the task to be solved. All IDs are stored on a server in the cloud or local computer to ensure the optimal ratio of system resilience-price.

RFID technologies allow to choose the optimal security level and the required reading distance - from a few centimeters (NFC, HF, LF) to 10 meters (UHF passive) and hundred meters (UHF Active beacons, Bluetooth, BLE).

FidPark systems with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) or License Plate Recognition (LPR) are becoming more and more in demand, which allows the construction of paid or service parking lots without physical entry/exit terminals. Such systems have a number of additional features, but there are also requirements for camera placement. FidPark technical solutions use a centralized FidPark ANPR server, which allows you to reduce overall costs. We offer several solutions for parking with ANPR, as well as with ANPR in combination with other technologies.

Parking lots control and payment system
FidPark-CAR is intended for automation of paid parking lots with payments depending on the duration of parking. The drivers have various payment options - advance payment, deposit tickets, events tickets, subcsription tickets and other kinds of tickets. FidPark software allows to "adjust" parking options and parameters for any business objective:
  •     maximum profit generated;
  •     maximum throughput of the facility that it serves;
  •     maximum availability of free parking lots.
FidPark parking solutions may be used for one or several parking zones and with flexible tariffs. The systems provide high level of comfort for customers, as well as all the necessary information and reports for car park management.

Parking lots can be equipped with barriers or used without them (with ANPR option). With barriers the customer will not be able to drive away until the payment is made. Without barriers – if the payment has not been made by certain time (e.g. till midnight), the vehicle registration number is blacklisted and car park manager can initiate the payment recovery procedures. FidPark
paystations offer convenient use and multiple payment options - pre-pay, post-pay, etc. with coins, notes and bank cards.

For the parking lots with fixed payment amount and for the parking lots accessed by permits only, we offer more simple and cost-effective systems.
Fidpark system software is intended for control and register access to multifunctional venues, where turnstiles and barriers are used between difeerent zones or without them, that is, only with ID registration and accounting.

In multistorey car parks can be levels with different tariffs and control of the duration of the presence of vehicles on each floor with registration of license plates between zones. On the territory of swimming pools and sports complexes, zones can be an information center, changing rooms, swimming pools, recreation areas, gyms, parking lots. In the recreation complex - parking lots, attractions, cinemas or gyms. Each visitor can be issued several passes, for example: RFID bracelet, barcode card, car registration number.