Systems     Designation     FidPark-2
The FidPark-2 software is intended for multifunctional objects (e.g. entertainment and sports centers, multi-storey/multi-zone parking lots) with checkpoints (turnstiles, barriers) between zones where customers get different services.

For multi-storey parkings, for example, those are floors with different tariffs and the control of vehicle stay duration on each floor passed. In swimming pools and sports centres it is infocentre, dressing rooms, adult and children's pools, lounge, sauna, gym, a (multi-zone) parking lot. In the entertainment centres - parking, sports halls, attractions.

In FidPark-2 each zone is associated with services provided in this zone. When the customer with his/her ID pass crosses the control point on the boarder between two zones, the system checks his rights to leave the first zone (e.g. have the services received in this zone been paid), as well as the rights to enter the second zone (e.g. services in this zone can be received with prepayment or postpay). If the access is allowed, according to the system configuration, the receiving of services in the first zone ends and/or is suspended, and in the second zone - starts and/or is resumed.

FidPark-2 pool control can take into account only the time that the customer spent directly in the swimming pool, but not in the dressing room before and after the swimming. Another example - control of the car, which is parked in a multi-storey parking lot and on the way to its parking lot is to pass the VIP parking zone on the ground floor.

FidPark-2 provide selling subscriptions with service combinations (e.g. swiming pool and fitness), validity of subscription (e.g. a month), duration of visits (e.g. up to two hours) and their number (e.g. no more than 30 times per month).

The customer service of such objects requires a lot of resources - in particular, sale of service packages for adults, children, families, disabled persons and their accompanying persons, as well as receiving payment for basic and additional services. A lot of additions to FidPark-2 significantly accelerate the process of customer service.

The capabilities of the FidPark-2 allows its usage in manufacturing companies to control technological processes, receiving or issuing products (entry, weighing, loading/unloading, re-weighing, document drafting, checkout).