Features     Designation     Data registration, FidPark-DR
FidPark Data Registration (DR) is a cost-effective solution for data registration, using compact off-line card readers with a rechargeable battery and a built-in contactless reader (e.g. Mifare).

The system is used to control and register journeys of passengers with contactless passes and in assigning bonuses/discounts to employees.

All valid card IDs are saved in the terminal memory. When reading a card, the terminal indicates card validity status, and records the event date/time.

When the terminals are connected via USB to a PC with FidPark server, all events are imported to FidPark database, then the list of valid pass IDs is refreshed in terminal memory, and the terminal is ready to work off-line.

FidPark reports provide full information related to the usage of passes and services received. FidPark-DR can be also configured to work with other terminal devices.

System features:
  • unlimited number of terminals;
  • the possibility to expand the functionality of the system;
  • multiuser database;
  • unlimited number of users;
  • the number of customers and events is limited only with terminal RAM volume.