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Cash collector FP-KA560
The cash collect machine FP-KA560 is designed for prompt cash collecting e.g. from cashiers or public transport drivers, and is equipped with a hopper to fill up the coins of all denominations (starting from 1 eurocent). Upon completion of automatic money counting, the receipt is issued. Fidpark server provides continuous control and real-time monitoring.  The machine provides also banknote changing to predefined coin combinations, can be used as a self-service kiosk.

Customer identification is carried out by their existing RFID-pass, fingerprint or other ID.

Main specifications of FP-KA560:
  • Coin nominations - up to 11, count speed - 12 coins/s
  • Hopper volume - ab. 1500 coins 1€
  • Coin safe volume - ab. 3000 coins 1€
  • Max. banknote nomination (standart version) - 50 €
  • Banknote cassette volume - 500 or 1000 notes
  • Built-in camera and IP-speakerphone/voice-messages
  • Unit dimensions: 170*73*50 cm (H*W*D), weight 180-190 Kg