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Self-Service Cash Collection System FidPark-CC
FidPark Cash Collect (CC) version with self-service machines KA-560 is designed for quick banknote and coin receiving in 24*7 mode, from e.g. cashiers and public transport drivers. Clients are identified by their contactless ID-card or other means, like fingerprint scan, phone number. The  customer's photo is taken and stored in the database as well. Coins of all nominations (e.g. 1 cent - 2 EUR) are placed into hopper; counting speed is 12 coins/s.

KA-560 provides also automatic banknote changing functions to predetermined combinations of coins.  The coins and banknotes are secured by triple mechanical protection. KA-560 machines are connected to Fidpark server with continuous control and real-time monitoring.

FidPark-CC system can be integrated with the company's accounting system. It allows to reduce resources, related to cash collection, and to improve employee working environment.

KA-560 are used also as a self-service kiosk. For example, the employees may get a printout of their salary and taxes for selected month, in accordance with all conditions related to data security and personal data protection.