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FidPark-Club add-on for cashless payments
FidPark-Club allows to reduce personnel costs as well as costs of offered services, furthermore payments could be made easily for each service at the moment they are received or once a month.
The system operates turnstiles in the swimming pools and fitness clubs and only those customers who have made the payment for the current period have the right of access. Registered customers can enter or leave parking lots using their cards or they could be recognized by their vehicle's licence plate. In addition, payments from the customer's account could be removed periodically (Subscription) or at each entry, or when the balance becomes lower than the settled amount (Stored Value).  Customers using FidPark-ANPR version with License Plate Recognition software don't have to register when they are entering or leaving the parking lot, as well as don't have to settle payment for the time spent in the parking lot.
Customers can register in the system independently and can manage their accounts through the Internet. With kiosk KA300 customers can print their RFID cards with their own photos.