Features     Rates & Payments
FidPark is supporting flexible tariffs for each type of service and different groups of customers in accordance with time of entry and a duration of service (stay). Many parameters provide "friendliness" of the system to customers and reduce their expenses. The calendar system allows the administrator to change the status of working days, weekends and state holidays.

The system provides the following ways of payments to the clients:
  • Payment by SMS (for the customers which have contract with a mobile payments operator, e.g. Mobilly). Before exiting the parking lot, a customer sends the parking code and parking ticket number to his operator via SMS, or scans the ticket in the appropriate application on his smartphone. After few seconds a customer receives SMS with the payment confirmation and he can leave the parking lot.
  • Payment via Internet-portals (obtaining and replenishing/extending of prepayment or subscription cards).
  • Discounting of parking service fee in malls or business-centers (e.g., if the ccustomer has visited some company or has purchased goods for some certain amount). In this case, the owner of parking lot could take rent fees for parking from the tenants.