Features     Passes, Subscriptions & Payments
FidPark is supporting flexible tariffs for each type of service and different groups of customers in accordance with time of entry and duration of service (stay). Many parameters provide "friendliness" of the system to customers and reduce their expenses. A built-in calendar system allows the administrator to change the status of working days, weekends and state holidays. 

Different types of passes are supported by FidPark:
  • One-off paper coupons with 2D-barcode are usually issued at the entrance terminal of the car parking. The customer needs to pay or clear the coupon before the exit.
  • Event (prepaid) ticket allows a single entry and exit at a certain period of time, eliminating the necessity to pay before exit, and also guarantees that a free prebooked place will be available. The customer will have to pay for the expired time only. The prepaid event ticket with a unique ID may be generated or received by FidPark in the form of a bar-code, a phone number, a car LPN.
  • Subscription passes allow regular customers to entry/exit around the clock, or only on certain days of the week and time of day (subscription with time zones). Beyond time zones it is not allowed to enter, and for leaving the client needs to pay for extra time. Subscriptions may be programmed for a certain amount of goods or services - for example, 10 entrances to the parking lot for up to 3 hours, 15 visits of the pool for up to 2 hours, 5 cups of coffee. Token-based subscription tickets allow customers, who confirmed the terms of service and registered their credit card, to pay for each entrance-exit. Their credit cards are charged on each exit, and they receive a monthly report to an e-mail.
  • Prepaid cards (deposit, gift, stored value) are designed for customers, who use the services, but don't have a subscription. The account is charged after each use of parking or other services. The customer- account owner makes an advance payment (deposit), and may recharge his/her card/account at any time.
  • Group passes are intended for use by group of customers (for example, company employees). Any number of group passes may be issued, but the number of cars in the parking lot will not exceed the agreed value for this group.
The customers have a freedom to choose from the following ways of payments:
  • Automatic-cashier (cash, bank cards, prepayment cards), dispensing change, receipt printing.
  • Payment by SMS (for the clients with a contract with mobile payments operator). Before leaving the parking, the client must send a SMS with his parking ticket ID to his operator, or to launch an application on his smartphone and to scan the ticket. After few seconds he/she may leave the parking lot. More user-friendly option is available for FidPark-ANPR systems - the LPNs of each car are forwarded to the mobile payment operator, who is reserving a certain amount of money for registered clients and allows the car to enter. On exit the necessary amount is just charged from client account, the rest amount is returned. The client doesn't need to go and pay.
  • Automatic subscription payments via Internet-portals (see above).
  • Discounting of parking service fee in malls or business-centers (e.g. if the client has visited some company or purchased goods for some certain amount). In this case the owner of a parking lot should take rent fees for the parking from the tenants.