Features     Designation
FidPark is a universal system that provides the following main functions:
  • Registration and accounting of the clients using different identifiers (contactless or biometric ID, car license plate number, mobile phone number, coupons with barcode, depending on the task). The clients can be separated into groups (legal or physical entity, family, etc.). Each customer can have several identifiers - for example, a contactless card or car number in the parking lot, an RFID bracelet in the pool. Each client is associated with his/her account/cabinet with status of the customer, the goods and services provided to him, pending payments and other information.
  • Access control and accounting of the time of clients' stay in different zones of the facility and services received (goods purchased) in accordance with the status of each client and account balance.
  • Registration and management of users / administrators, assigning access rights including remote administration via Internet (for example, ordering and editing passes).
  • Flexible tariff subsystem (depending on entrance time, duration, client status), which allows the facility manager/owner to reach the business goals (for example, for a parking lot - maximum income, free lots for buyers or their maximum number, stimulation for more expensive purchases, etc.).
  • Different types of payment in Self-service pay stations (cash, credit card, mobile payments, Direct Debit and others). The client can pay for all goods and services (parking lot, swimming pool, gym, sauna, etc.) at the exit (exit) at the cashier-operator or in the cash register.
  • Detailed registration of all FidPark events that ensure high fault tolerance, effective remote support and maintenance via the Internet, prompt resolution of problems with customers.
  • A powerful reporting subsystem generating a variety of tabular and graphical reports in manual and automatic mode, along with integration with external systems (in particular, accounting).
Due to its versatility, FidPark is effectively implemented not only for parking management, but also in sports centers (swimming pool, sauna, parking, fitness) FidPark-SPA, for collection of cash revenue by public transport drivers FidPark-CC and their medical control for alcohol FidPark-AIPS, in AdBlue liquid dispencers, at other facilities.