Designation     Pools & SPA, FidPark-SPA
FidPark-Spa is used in swimming pools, sports halls, fitness clubs and other facilities where a bracelet with contactless chip is used for customer identification.

Depending on the customer status and the amount paid, the system can provide rights to access appropriate facilities like locker rooms, sauna, gym, etc. The bracelet is used also to close and open the selected locker(s).

The bracelet's status is checked at the exit. The customer may leave the facility only after the received services (including parking) are fully paid and his locker is left opened. Bracelet will be taken away manually or automatically.
FidPark-Spa system includes the following components and software:
The information terminals provide reading of  bracelets (cards, tags) with MIFARE contactless chip. The screen indicates final time (if it is overdue, than in red ), the number of occuipied locker, other necessary information.

The touch-screen, a built in RFID reader, a LAN connection and many other interfaces provide an opportunity to use of the terminal in other automated systems for various tasks related to input, processing and display of data.