Control & Payment Systems for parking lots, aquaparks, leisure parks
Automatic control and accounting of parking lot services, leisure parks, swimming pools and similar facilities. Ensure payment services, personnel work optimization and improvement of business competitiveness.
[09.12.2016] Cloud version of FidPark system

“Cloud” version of FidPark has been developed. This SaaS solution can significantly...

[09.12.2016] A fail-safe FidPark version

A version of FidPark with fail-safe server has been developed along wit ANPR-option. It operates on...

[09.12.2016] FidPark system in Hail airport

The FidPark parking management system based on barcode tickets has been deployed in Hail...

FidPark systems are intended for contol and payment for such facilities services:
FidPark provides a flexible system of tariffs, "friendly" access control, different types of payment, control of personell and data logging.

Enterprises (warehouses) may use FidPark in order to fulfill business procedures for all drivers (e.g. weight control, loading-unloading, paperwork, etc.) before the driver may leave the warehouse.

FidPark systems include the following main components:
The system is supporting various ID technologies - 2D bar codes, contactless identifiers with reading range from 2-3 cm to 10 m, biometrics, vehicle license plate numbers, mobile phone number, other solutions.
Automated car parking
FidPark-CAR is intended for automation of paid parking lots with payments depending on the duration of parking. The drivers have various payment options - advance payment, deposit tickets, events tickets, subcsription tickets and other kinds of tickets. FidPark software allows to "adjust" parking options and parameters for any business objective:
  •     maximum profit generated,
  •     maximum throughput of the facility that it serves,
  •     maximum availability of free parking lots.
For controlling of moving vehicles we offer the systems based on GPS, RFID, RTLS, as well as microwave sensors. All the systems include report generators in MS SQL environment with subsequent integration with other management systems.
FidPark-Spa control system is used in swimming pools, sports halls, fitness clubs and other facilities where a bracelet with contactless chip is used for customer identification.

Depending on the customer status and the amount paid, the system can provide rights to access appropriate facilities like locker rooms, sauna, gym, etc. The bracelet is used also to close and open the selected locker(s).

The bracelet's status is checked at the exit. The customer may leave the facility only after the received services (including parking) are fully paid and his locker is left opened. Bracelet will be taken away manually or automatically.

In version FidPark-ANPR with automatic number plate recognition license plate is detected by special cameras and are used either as a complement to other means of identification (RFID, bar-code etc.), or just instead of these ones. This option sufficiently expands FidPark and FidPark+ features and makes the system more user-friendly. For example, there is a possibility of automatic payment of each parking space with bank card.

For efficient opertion of the system FidPark-ANPR it's upcoming implementatiom must be already provided at the design stage of parking lot.